• Bear Families
    Bear cubs stay with their mother for about one and a half years. The family bond is very strong. A mother bears primary concern is for the safety and education of her cubs.
  • Irving Loves to Learn
    Students at IMS persevere to learn new material. Being determined to succeed is what it takes.
  • The Irving Family
    Each person at Irving is a member of our family. We work and play hard together. We want everyone to find their success.
  • Irving's Awesome Teachers
    Teachers at Irving really care about their students. They want them to learn how to be kind and considerate, as well as learn new subjects. Irving is a great place to learn.

Welcome to the Bear Den

Irving Middle School is all about kindness and community.


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This year our focus virtue is Resilience

is the ability to bounce back whe you have every reason to shut down--but you fight on!

Resilient people have both tapped and untapped reserves, enabling them to overcome and thrive as they face the setbcks, challenges and fears of daily life.

--Christian Moore