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Last Updated: 3/3/2020 5:18 PM

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Wilcox Spring Carnival


Wilcox Tigers

Shooting for “Pawfect” Attendance

Welcome Back Tigers!  We want all Wilcox Tigers to be an Attendance All Star.  This year we are striving for 97% School Wide Attendance!  Learners who achieve 97% attendance each trimester will be rewarded for his or her achievement.   Each learner with only two absences and two tardies in the trimester will qualify for the reward.   Students who achieve this goal will have their name printed on a basketball. The basketballs with the student’s name will be hung on the Wilcox All Star Hall of Fame in the front hall. We want to cover the whole wall with basketballs this year!  In addition to name recognition, Attendance All Stars will go on a fun field trip. The field trip will be during the school day.  

Field Trips

First Trimester:  Outer Limits Fun Zone

Second Trimester:   Tough Guy Lanes (bowling)

Third Trimester:  Zoo

We are excited to promote outstanding attendance this year.  Please help your learner and Wilcox achieve this goal!  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Campos, Principal or Kim Jackman, CRW at (208)237-6050.