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Drama Classes

Drama 1: Grades:9-12 | 2 Trimester

Students will learn the basic terminology of the stage. They will also consider the role of the audience and behavior required when participating in an audience. Students will learn improvisation, pantomime, oral interpretation, and solo and ensemble work. Play analysis will also be a part of the course.

Drama 2: Grades:9-12 | 2 Trimester | Prerequisite: Drama 1

Students continue to develop the knowledge and skill gained in Drama 1; practicing improvisation, pantomime, interpretation, solo and ensemble work. This course will also include a discussion of theatre history and the different genre of plays.

Advanced Drama: Grades:10-12 | 1 Trimester | Prerequisite: Drama 2

This course emphasizes solo and scene work from all theatrical genres. The course will include technical aspects of theater, as well as performance experience.

Product Drama: Grades:10-12 | 1 Trimester | Prerequisite: Drama 2

This course is for the most advanced students and places emphasis on the aspects of production and performance. The course work will include solo and scene work as well as work with auditioning, directing, and performance.

Stage Craft: Grades:10-12 | 1 Trimester

Stagecraft will introduce to the student, both novice and experienced, a practical approach to the technical and production aspects of theatre. Students will learn a variety of stage craft concepts and techniques. Additionally, students will be introduced to theatrical design. Students will take an active behind the scenes role in a major production

Musical Theatre: Grades:9-12 | 1 Trimester

This course will present an overview of the history of musical theatre, the impact of musical theatre in America, and performance techniques of musical theatre.