About our Intervention Program

Our Mission Statement

“All students identified as gifted and talented in the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District have the right to an appropriate education that provides educational interventions which challenge learners’ thinking and abilities in order to promote  high levels of  academic growth. Facilitators and teachers work together to ensure that the educational needs of gifted and talented students are met in the regular classroom and/or in a specialized learning setting.”

The goals of the program include:

1.  To provide a learning environment that will challenge and stimulate the gifted learner to reach his/her potential while interacting with intellectual peers.

Objective: Explores, in-depth, ideas and potential solutions to real world problems i.e., group and independent projects/studies, problem-based learning (examples: engineering design process, STEAM lab, innovative technology, Makerspace, Robotics, and STEAM career explorations).

Objective: Studies and/or presents multiple cross-curricular disciplines that have broad-based issues, themes and/or problems.

Objective: Develops independent or self-directed problem solving skills.


2.  To encourage the development of problem-solving by providing instruction and opportunities for using the following complex skills: higher level critical thinking, creativity, communication, leadership, and research.

Objective: Develops productive, complex, abstract, and/or higher level thinking skills. (Examples: simulations computer programming, questioning skills, explorations, investigations).

Objective: Develops problem-solving skills to identify and evaluate plausible solutions.  


3. To establish a climate that fosters positive affective interactions, enhances self-concept, and encourages self-direction and self-evaluation.

Objective: Participates in group problem solving and provides team/individual feedback.

Objective: Recognizes and uses one’s abilities, becomes self-directed, appreciates likenesses and differences between self and others (Examples: assess and clarify feelings on giftedness, assess feelings about themselves and their peers, assess feelings about issues).

Objective: Participates in community-based learning opportunities.