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A.J. Watson

Panther Learning Trait: (E)ffort and Attitude Matter


During the month of February, learners will be discussing the learning trait (E)ffort and Attitude Matter.


Effort in learning means working hard and exerting mental power to complete a task, solve a problem or learn new information.

Effort is part of a growth mindset:

  • I can figure it out as long as I keep trying.
  • I am not sure of the answer, but I will give it my best.
  • I can be successful if I work hard, even when I make mistakes.
  • Having GRIT

Attitude in learning is the positive belief that abilities, including intelligence, can be developed and improved with practice and effort.

It all starts with one’s attitude:

  • Being positive and not giving up.
  • I haven’t figured it out “yet”, but I will keep going.
  • No matter how hard it is, I can keep moving forward.

Throughout the month of February, we will focus on giving effort and having a positive attitude as Chubbuck learners. We will look for learners who work hard, never give up and stay positive even when things are difficult and challenging.


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