Last Updated: 12/10/2019 8:29 PM

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PCSD 25 (Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25) was founded in 1887. PCSD 25 is committed to Visible Learning and Restorative Practices. PCSD 25 provides the highest quality educational services in a safe, supportive and caring learning environment. The question "What did you learn today?" is vital to our district-wide commitment to Visible Learning. Parents can turn the question, "What did you do today" into "What did you LEARN today?" to see Visible Learning in action. It's not just what students are learning, it's also about how they are learning. As Visible Learning research has shown, the greatest impact on student learning is collective efficacy. Simply stated, our impact is much greater as we do MORE TOGETHER.


PCSD 25 consists of 22 schools. PCSD 25 is the 5th largest school district in Idaho. PCSD 25 has more than 10,000 learning devices in total. In 2019 PCSD 25 offered 27 million dollars in scholarships and our graduation rate was 92.1%. ISAT scores for grades 3-8 and 10 were above state average in English, math, and science. PCSD 25 offers 29 Career-Technical Education pathways. In 2019 3,324 of JRs and SRs utilized advanced opportunities, including dual enrollment college courses, earning 9,953 college credits. The advanced opportunities offered equaled more than $4 Million dollars in tuition value at Idaho State University for 2019/2020.