Emergency Procedures

Last Updated: 5/7/2018 8:49 PM

Emergency Procedures-Parent Information


Student and staff safety is the highest priority in School District #25.  There are times when emergency conditions exist and, for the safety of students, school should not be in session.  To expedite efficiency and safety, we provide the following guidelines:

1.     Parent Basic Responsibility

The basic responsibility for the welfare and safety of each child remains with the family.   Parents can     choose whether or not to send their children to school based on weather conditions in their geographical

area and their own judgment of what is safe for their child/children.   If school remains in session and a child is kept home, it will be considered an absence.  It is important for parents to make sure their phone numbers and email addresses are kept up to date.  

2.     School cancellation while students are at home.

Should emergency conditions raise serious doubts about the safety of students traveling to and from

school, school will be cancelled or a delayed start will be announced before busses commence picking up students in the morning.  The decision to cancel school or initiate a delayed start will be made by the Superintendent or designee.

   Decision to cancel school or delayed start will be made by 6:00 a.m.

School will be held unless a decision is made to cancel or postpone start times by up to two hours.   When a decision is made, an announcement will usually be made by 6:30 a.m.             

Parents and guardians will be notified of the closure or late start via the District's mass notification system and by local television and radio stations.  The District's web site and phone message will also provide information about the closure or late start. Closures and delayed starts will also be posted on parent portal in Infinite Campus. 

School District Extra-curricular Activities- In the event school is cancelled, all extra-curricular activities, practices, and community education activities will be cancelled.

3.     Emergency while students are at school

If emergency conditions arise while students are at school, the school day may conclude early and

students will be released to return home on their regular bus routes which will operate on an early


Announcement If the decision is made to conclude school early, parents and guardians will be notified

of the closure via the District's mass notification system and by radio, and T.V. stations.  School closures will be posted on the District's website and parent portal in Infinite Campus.

Student Access to home It is the family's responsibility to ensure student access to home or other pre-arranged accommodations to assure his/her safety.  It is the District's recommendation that

each family make plans for its own family emergency procedures.   Parents should discuss emergency procedures and school safety drills with your children.

Dismissal In the event that a disaster should occur during school, such as an earthquake, toxic

gas leak, fire, etc., the principal, after consultation with the Superintendent, shall determine

whether or not students and staff members will be dismissed from the school campus.

Students will remain at school in the custody of school officials unless it is determined that

dismissal from school is in the best interest of students.

Regular dismissal bus routes will be followed if children are dismissed to go home.

Evacuation-In case of an evacuation from Ellis School grounds, students will be evacuated to the designated reunification sites which are churches on Whitaker Road: The L.D.S. Church for grades 2nd- 5th and the Methodist Church for grades K-1st.  Busses will be routed to both sites for regular dismissal bus routes.  Parents picking up children will need to sign for their children and provide a driver's license.