Act One

Last Updated: 11/21/2019 5:40 PM

About Us

Act One is the theatre club at Pocatello High School. We perform 4 different shows through out the year: The first is the fall show, this is an intimate theatre experience. The second is a musical which is put on by PHS Act One and the PHS Senior Choir, this is a full proscenium show. The third is a One Act Play that is prepared and performed by the 3rd trimester Production Drama Class and is performed at the ISU One Act Festival. The fourth and final show is a good old fashioned melodrama, this is a thrust stage performance.

In addition to the four shows, we also compete in the District and state level drama competitions which are sponsored by the Idaho High School Activities Association.

Joining Act One presents an individual with not only the opportunity to be on stage, but also with the opportunities to work backstage, to build and paint set, and to participate in other technical areas of productions.

Advisor: Mr. Contor


PHS Act One 2019-20 Shows

Fall Show:  Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap
Musical: Into the Woods
Melodrama: Pure as the Driven Snow