Dress Code


Information taken from the High School Handbook & Curriculum Guide dated February 2004, page #6. It reads as follows:

Students are expected to be clean and neat in their dress. School District No. 25 does not allow:


  1. Clothing displaying obscenities, inappropriate or sexual slogans (example 69) or drug/alcohol slogans.
  2. Clothing displaying gang related symbols, depictions, numbers (example 13).
  3. Clothing that distracts from learning (example: underwear showing, strapless/backless tops, pants too low).
  4. Wearing of headgear (example: hats, head wraps, hoods, bandanas, hairnets).
  5. Any attire that could be used as a weapon (example: wallet chains, dog collars, bracelets, necklaces).


The school district policy states, "When in judgment of the principal, the dress, hair style or affected appearance of any students distracts from the academic atmosphere of the school community, and/or is disruptive of good order and discipline, that student may be suspended from school for a period not to exceed five days."


See link to the right for examples of inappropriate attire.