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P.E. Lessons

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Physical Education – At Home - Mr. Berry


May 25th - May 31st




May 18th – May 24th

Hi Parents and Kids,

     This week’s theme is Random Stuff.  In other words… I don’t have a theme.  So here are some ideas I would like to share with you.  I hope you like them.


This week’s Choose Your Own Adventure PE

  • Try all 5, or pick 1


DAY 1 – Monday – May 18th

MVPA and HIIT – Fitness Acronyms to Get Your Heart Beating

   Exercising your heart is important to staying healthy. Getting your heart to beat fast is also important. These are 2 acronyms that are good to know.


  • Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity – means getting our heart-rate up to at least 60% of the maximum.  Here are 2 ways to do this.
  • One way is to bike or walk up a hill or mountain.
  • You can also step up and down (on your stairs) for 5-7 minutes straight.


  • High Intensity Interval Training – means doing short bursts of exercise followed by a small rest.  It’s like a circuit (see above).  Here is an example to try:
  • 20 seconds of Jumping Jacks, 10 seconds of rest
  • 20 seconds of Push-ups, 10 seconds of rest
  • 20 seconds of “Running in Place”, 10 seconds of rest

            Repeat these 3 exercises for 4 rounds.


DAY 2 – Tuesday – May 19th

More Body Weight Exercises

   You don’t need fancy equipment to get stronger.  You just need yourself.  Here are 3 exercises to help you become strong and feel good.


Pull Yourself Up – Hang on a branch or bar and bring your legs up into a tuck.  Try to bring them up to the right side and then the left side. Keep switching back and forth.  

  • Do 5 each side

Squat to Press – A squat is making a deep bend with your knees while leaning forward a little. (Imagine you are picking up a huge rock between your legs.)  Now, find a ball (or a small weight).  Hold it when you are in your squat and press it up high as you stand up.

  • Do 20 in a row

Judo Push-Ups – With your legs out wide, start with a scooping motion – like a dive-bomber.  Scoop down to your hands while you bend your elbows.  Pull back and up to your starting position.


DAY 3 – Wednesday – May 20th

Sprint up a Hill

   The former football player they called “Sweetness” (for his big heart), Walter Payton loved to run up hills to help him get stronger and faster.  If you’ve ever tried this – it is exhausting.  I want you to take your heart-rate, after you are done.

Here is what to do:

  1. Find a steep hill
  2. Run up the hill
  3. Place 2 fingers on the side/ front of your neck and find your pulse
  4. Count how many beats you feel in 6 seconds
  5. Multiply that by 10 – example:  12 beats x 10 = 120 beats
  6. This equals your heart-rate – 200  (or so) is the maximum.  60% would be 120. 
  7. What did you get?  Repeat for a challenge.


DAY 4 – Thursday – May 21st

Push-up and Sit-up Challenge

   Another football player Herschel Walker was famous for being in amazing shape.  His secret was push-ups and sit-ups.  He did 1,500 push-ups and sit-ups every day.  Why did he do this?  As an overweight kid he was teased and bullied, so he decided to exercise to feel better about himself.

Here is a challenge for you: 

  • Start with 5 push-ups and 5 sit-ups a day
  • Each week add 1 more
  • By the end of the summer you will be up to 15 Push-ups and sit-ups every day
  • Why stop there.  Keep going until the end of the year!
  • You can do this!


DAY 5 – Friday – May 22nd

Make a list of reasons for being physically active

   Everyone has reasons they play sports or why they like to move and be physically active.  These are My Top 3 reasons to be physically active.

  1. It improves my mood – when I’m tired, cranky or anxious, I like to go outside and do yard work.  I like being outside.  Plus being around trees helps me to feel less stressed.
  2. It’s fun and challenging – I like to play sports against friends and family.  I also like to try new activities.
  3. It makes me feel good and keeps me healthy – having a strong body helps me enjoy my life.


What are your reasons?  Make your list.

If you have the Internet, look for my bonus video in my Google Slides!

Keep moving and have a great week!  I miss you all.               

Chris Berry  -  berrych@sd25.us


May 11th – May 17th

Hi Parents and Kids,

     This week’s theme is Props.  What is a prop you ask?  It is something you use that can either help make it easier or make it harder.  These 5 everyday items around your house can be used to stay active and become more fit.  Your house is your GYM!

   Be sure to check with your parent before you try any activity.


This week’s Choose Your Own Adventure PE

  • Try all 5, or pick 1


DAY 1 – Monday – May 11th


   Turn your chair into the ultimate exercise tool!


  • Triceps Dips – Sit on the edge of your chair, while you hold on to the sides of the chair.  Push up with your arms and press yourself up and down.  Do 12
  • Harder - extend your legs until they are straight.  Now press up and down.
  • Step-ups – This might be too big a step.  For the little ones -> use the bottom step of your stairs.  Place one foot on the seat, step the other one on the seat.  And step down.  Try switching which leg goes first.  Do this for 2 minutes
  • Push-ups – Use the chair to make push-ups harder or easier.  Do 12
  • Easier – Lean to the chair and do a push-up with your hands on the seat
  • Harder – place your toes on the seat and hands on the ground


DAY 2 – Tuesday – May 12th


   I use a wall to work on my strength.


  • Wall Sits – everyone’s favorite!  It is a very good move to build lower body strength. Make a chair shape as your back touches the wall.  Keep your knees at a 90-degree angle.  Hold for 1 minute
  • Donkey kicks – Face the wall.  Put your hands on the floor.  Now transfer all of your weight into your hands and kick your feet up in the air.  Do this 5 times
  • Challenge!  Make sure a parent helps – use a big pillow against the wall for your head.
  • Hand Stand – Face the wall.  Start just like a Donkey Kick.  With strong arms and abs of steel, kick up a try to tap one foot against the wall.  Try the other foot. 


DAY 3 – Wednesday – May 13th

Belt or Yoga Strap

   A belt or Yoga strap can help you stretch.  Here are 3 ways to use your belt or strap.

  • Shoulders – Hold the strap with your hands shoulder width apart.  Raise the strap up high.  Bring it behind your head and slide your hands a little wider.  Keep going until your hands are behind your back.  Repeat, each time with your hands closer together.
  • Hamstrings – Lying on the floor, hold the strap with 2 hands. Place 1 foot in the middle of the strap.  Keeping your leg straight, pull your leg up until you feel a stretch.  Hold it for a minute. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Leg out and Leg over – Again, one leg in the strap.  Bring the leg outside, and hold.  Bring the leg over the other one, and hold.  Switch legs.


DAY 4 – Thursday – May 14th


I only have a couple of exercises for this.  But these are good ones.

  • Counter Press Ups – for the little ones -> bathroom counters are shorter than your kitchen.  Face the counter, put your hands on the counter, rise up to your toes and press yourself up. Can you hold yourself up for 20 seconds?  Or do few sets of 5.
  • Leaning Push-Ups – This is like the chair push-up.  Face the counter, stand about 2 feet away and lean into the counter.  Push-up against the counter.  Try to do 20!


DAY 5 – Friday – May 15th


With 3 scarfs or rags, you can start juggling.

Start with 2:

  • Hold the scarf in the middle
  • Toss one up. and catch with the same hand.
  • Try the other hand.
  • Now, at the same time, throw both toward the middle – Throw, Throw, Catch and Catch.

Challenge – with 3 scarves:

  • I start with 2 scarves in the right hand, and 1 in the left.
  • With the right hand, throw one scarf toward the middle…
  • The left immediately throws and then catches the one in mid air.
  • Keep going. 

YouTube:  Learn 3 Scarf Juggling - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWiZ4fNqu5c


If you have the Internet and a Chromebook, look for my videos in my Google Slides!

Keep moving and have a great week!  I miss you all.               

Chris Berry  -  berrych@sd25.us

April 4th – May 10th









April 27th – May 1st

Hi Parents and Kids,

            This week’s theme is Fitness – Part 2. Becoming fit is one of our goals in PE class. Two weeks ago we talked about the Health-Related components of fitness. This week we are going to practice Skill-Relatedcomponents of fitness. These skills help us to play better. Here they are.

1.    Agility – changing direction and keeping control

2.    Balance – standing on 1 foot or walking on a balance beam

3.    Coordination – using our hands or our feet and dribbling a ball

4.    Speed – going fast

5.    Power – moving fast and strong

This week’s Choose Your Own Adventure PE

  • Try all 5 fitness ideas, or pick 1


DAY 1 – Monday – April 27th

Agility – Throw and Catch

   You can improve your agility with a tennis ball. Try throwing a ball against an outside wall. If you are not a great thrower, it’s ok – that’s more agility practice!

1.             Find a wall and a tennis ball. Stand 15’-20’ away

3.             Throw – hit the wall. Let it bounce once

5.             Move and catch – catch with right hand

6.             Now try to catch with left hand

Try to catch 5 in a row, repeat until you are a better thrower and catcher.


DAY 2 – Tuesday – April 28th

Balance – Stand and Walk

   “Tree Pose” is a great way to improve your balance – Stand on one foot, arms raised. 

           Tree Pose – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG4ValU7TmI


   Another great tool to improve your balance is walking on a board. If you have a 2”x4” board lying around, try to use it as a balance beam.

Beam – Place board on the floor.

1.    Walk forward

2.    Walk sideways – feet together, apart…

3.    Walk backwards

Challenge – Crawling on a board is super fun and challenging. Watch this video.

            Balancing Foot Hand Crawl – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RblGV9xCK8

                                                                                                       OVER ->

DAY 3 – Wednesday – April 29th

Coordination – Dribble, Right and Left

   Many great athletes played soccer as kids. Dribbling is amazing for our coordination.

           Tips for dribbling:

·                Keep it close

·                Use the inside AND outside of your foot. Use BOTH feet

·                Add speed

  Here’s the plan:  Find a ball. Find a space to go around – your house? More tips:

·                Make it fun – time yourself. Use cones.

·                Make it challenging – right foot only, left foot only

·                Make it fresh – go one way, change direction and go the other way


DAY 4 – Thursday – April 30th

Speed – Hand Speed

   Sprints are a great way to improve foot-speed and running speed. But what about hand-speed?  This is called the “Slap Challenge”. You and a friend or parent, take turns.

           How to play:

·                Stand in front of your partner with your hands out – palms up

·                Your partner places their hands on yours

·                When they are not suspecting it…

·                Quickly pull your hands up and around and slap their hands

·                After 5 tries, switch places


DAY 5 – Friday – May 1st

Power = Speed  x  Strength

   Power is both speed and strength. A good exercise is jumping – but we’ve done that. A type of push-up is great for power. It’s called a “Clap Push-up”. Here’s how to do it.

1.             Start in a push-up position – back straight, on your hands and toes.

2.             Lower to the floor

3.             Before you get down – 4” from the ground…

4.             Explode up – and clap your hands

5.             Try to do 3 sets of 3. Rest in-between.



   One more thing kids… Try making a routine for movement and play. Find time every day, throughout the day, to get moving. Have a goal of 60 minutes of play. Bonus…30 of those minutes should be where your heart gets beating fast. 


Have a great week!  I miss you all.                                  Chris Berry  -  berrych@sd25.us


April 20th – 24th

Hi Parents and Kids,

Earth Day is this Wednesday. So I picked “nature” as this week’s theme. For each day

you can practice your movement skills – running, jumping, bending, balancing, squatting and creative movement – but in a more earth-friendly way.

One more thing... Kiddos, make sure you balance screen time, or homework time, with movement time. Take breaks during homework or even when you watch TV. Every 30 minutes, get up, and do something to get you energized.

This week’s Choose Your Own Adventure PE.  Try one

 Or try them all!

DAY 1 – Monday – April 20th

Jump – Part 2: Shoes are Optional

Shoes and boots help protect your feet. But going barefoot (or with thin shoes) helps strengthen your feet. You can jump without shoes if you land softly. Watch this guy and try all 3 Jumps. You can set up your own stations inside or out.

  1. Double Forward Jump – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB1YER2w_ZI

  2. Downward Jump – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOxfpo32DJA

  3. Lateral Side Jump – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98AXMtapt3A

Tips – You can use props like a bucket or pillow to jump over and a rock or a kitchen stool to jump on. Be careful.

Safety – Remember kids, make sure your parents approve. If you go barefoot outside, always check the yard for any hard or sharp objects.

DAY 2 – Tuesday – April 21th

Free Running
Free Running is using nature (or your indoor space) as an obstacle course. Videos

make it look pretty complicated (and dangerous). So we are going to make it easy.

Here’s our plan:

  1. Find a space to run or move in

  2. Think of some obstacles to get past – chair, tree, bushes, fence, bench

  3. Add a place you can do a forward roll – carpet, soft grass

  4. Can you move fast at some point? – a hallway, or a sidewalk

  5. Is there something you can get over? – a bean bag, ottoman or a bush

  6. Add a jump – (see Day 1 above)

  7. Make up a move where you transfer your weight into your hands

    Voila! You’ve created an obstacle course using your space. You can always change it

– move things around, go a different way or do it in reverse.

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DAY 3 – Wednesday – April 22th


Earth Day – Plant or Pick Up

  1. Plant: Can you plant a tree? Or start a garden? Most of you probably can’t.If you

    can, that’s an amazing way to stay active. Gardening is great for bending,

    squatting and doing lunges – because you need to get low.

  2. Pick Up: Another way we can help the Earth is by picking up. You can pick up

    garbage in your community and help make it pretty. Or, you can do spring-cleaning and pick up sticks and leaves. It’s a great way to bend, squat and lunge. Be sure to wear gloves.

DAY 4 – Thursday – April 23th

Animal Yoga

Kids are always good at acting like animals! Haha.
Here are 7 Animal Yoga poses you can try: Some are very difficult – you may want to skip.

7 Animal Poses Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMClMbNoCSg

Next... Add some Different Crawls to your animal poses. Animals move on 4 legs. You need strong arms, legs and core strength. You can do it. Here’s a video.

Crawling Exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjFb40DwwLs

Now... You can act out your favorite animal! Here are a few ideas to help you...

  • Add some moves where you get to a high-level – like standing – and back down

  • Try to transfer your weight – put all of your weight in your hands

  • Move in different directions

  • Create a story

    DAY 5 – Friday – April 24th

    Tree Tag... or Touch/ Hug a Tree Challenge

  1. Tag: If you have more than 3 people in your family (including yourself), play a tag game. Here’s how.

    • Make up the boundaries – you need a space with trees

    • Trees are bases

    • To be safe – touch a tree. You can touch for up to 10 seconds. Then you have to move

    • Tag backs? – you decide

  2. Touch/ Hug a tree challenge: If it’s just you and your parent, try this. Parent uses

    their phone as a timer. You run and touch as many trees as you can in a minute.

    • You decide if want to hug the tree or just touch each tree

    • Start!

    • Count them up

    • Try again – see if you can touch more. Go in the reverse order. Or, add more time.

      Happy Earth Week! – Peace!
      Have a great day. I miss you all. Chris Berry – berrych@sd25.us


April 13th- 17th

Hi Parents and Kids,

     Becoming fit is one of our goals in PE class.  How do we know if we are fit?  What does that even mean?

     Basically there are 5 Health-Related Components of Fitness.  Here they are with an example for each one…

  1. Flexibility – Can I stand up & touch my toes
  2. Muscular Strength – Can I lift something really heavy… Like a bag of sand
  3. Muscular Endurance – Doing lots of push-ups or sit-ups 
  4. Aerobic Capacity – Running a long distance
  5. Body Composition – a “Hard Body” vs. a “Soft Body”


This week’s Choose Your Own Adventure PE.  

  • Try all 5 fitness tests
  • Which one are you best at? 


DAY 1 – Monday – April 13h

Flexibility Test  - “Sitting-Rising Test”

   You don’t have to be a Yoga master to be flexible.  One flexibility test is called the “Sitting-Rising” test.  (It might not predict longevity. It’s fun for the whole family.)  Watch this video. 


YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihj1DJObXv8



  • From standing, try to sit down without using your hands, knees, or elbows to help.
  • For every body part that touches – minus 1 point
  • Now, stand up.  (minus 1-point for body-part touching)
  • A perfect score is 10 – 5 points sitting, 5 standing up.

You’ll find it helps to have strong legs and knees, and great balance.  Give it a try!


DAY 2 – Tuesday – April 14th

Muscular Strength – I say… Jump!

   Instead of lifting something heavy, let’s test our muscles another way… by jumping!

Watch how these NFL superstars jump HIGH and FAR


YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0f7FQ8DWYk


Practice each one - 5 times:  Watch how the pros bend their legs and use their arms.


     Inside or Out:  Jump High – tape a ribbon on the ceiling.  Make some marks on the  

                                                          ribbon with a marker so you can judge where you touched.

     Outside:  Jump Far – From a sidewalk edge, jump far.  Use a stick to mark each attempt


                                                                                                                                    OVER ->

DAY 3 – Wednesday – April 15th

Muscular Endurance – Circuit Training

   We can test our Muscular Endurance by doing a circuit.  First, we’ll pick 3 exercises and pick the number of times we do it.

  1. Lunges – 2 times, both left and right leg
  2. 5 Push ups
  3. 5 sit ups



  1. Find a friend or sibling to do it with, if you can. (Can you video-chat someone?)
  2. Do the circuit – all 3 exercises
  3. Repeat, (without rest) until you can’t go anymore… How many times can you do it?
  4. See who won


DAY 4 – Thursday – April 16th

Aerobic Capacity – Can you go for a long time?

   Running is hard.  One thing kids like to do is run fast sometimes and slow other times.  There is a term for this… It’s called Fartlek training – Swedish for “Speed Play”. (Seriously!)


With a friend or a parent, go outside and make a course. 

  • It could be around the block or around the house – or, in a straight line.


Option A - Hard

  • Start off by running slow.  After a minute switch and go fast. 
  • Do this a few times, with rest in between.

Option B - Easier

  • Start with a slower pace.  After a minute switch and walk.
  • Do this a few times.  10 minutes in total.


   The idea is to change from faster to slower.  It’s a great way to improve our Aerobic Capacity – how well our lungs and heart work together.


DAY 5 – Friday – April 17th

Body Composition – Good (lean muscle) vs. Bad (fat)

   If you have done well with the challenges above, you’re in pretty good shape. 

   What we eat is just as important.  It can improve our Body Composition and improve our health or it can make us unhealthy.


  • Healthy foods are – High in Nutrients  &  Low in Calories

For example… French fries are low in nutrients and high in calories.  A better choice would be brown rice or a sweet potato.  


   I want you to make a list of 3 foods that you like, that are unhealthy.

  • Now, try to think of a healthier choice for each of those foods.
  • Maybe next time, buy one of these healthier choices.



Have a great week!  I miss you all.                                                  Chris Berry  -  berrych@sd25.us