Teach To Guidelines

Last Updated: 9/6/2018 6:43 PM

Teach To Guidelines



No playing on the bus railing

No bouncing/throwing balls when walking in front of the school

Walking/holding bike/scooter/skateboard (not riding it when on school grounds)

At the cross walk- stand and wait for crossing guard to tell you to come across the street, only cross the street at the cross walk

Stay away from the side of the building where the parking lot is



Boundaries: In front of the pine tree, right behind goal post, inside tress on back of playground, and no further than the side of the school building.

Slide: Make sure you only go down the slide, we do not climb or run up them. Only one person on the slide at a time.

Trees: Do not hang or pull on the tree branches

KYHFOOTY (Keep Your Hands, Feet and Other Objects To Yourself): Make sure when you are playing tag/football that it is a simple touch, no shoving or pushing.

Friendship Bench: Only reason you should be sitting on the bench is if you need someone to play with. No sitting on it to take a break or use as base for tag.

Safety: No throwing bark, branches, snow, ice, etc. You cannot lift kids up to get on monkey bars, etc. or give piggy back rides.

Tether ball- Make sure if you are not playing that you stay outside of the yellow circle so you don’t get hit.

Field- if you aren’t playing soccer, football, etc. please stay out of the way so you don’t interrupt the game or get hit.

Weather: As the weather gets colder you’ll want to make sure you bring everything you need for outside because you won’t be able to go back inside to get items.

Bell: As soon as the bell rings you need to line up. No continuing to play.

After School: If you are being picked up by your parents after school you need to make sure to stay behind the yellow line.

Wall Ball: Use a tennis ball for this game

Recces Ball Cart: If you get something out of the cart, you are responsible for putting the item back in

Bridge on big toy: It doesn’t give like the old bridge use to, be careful on it

Monkey Bars: No wrapping legs around people on the ground or on the monkey bars

Jump ropes: No using jump ropes on spider web or monkey bars, no swinging them in the air by holding on to only one handle



Teachers will take students to the bathroom before they come to the cafeteria.

Students will be allowed to use the bathroom after they are done eating lunch and have been released to the playground.

No lingering in the bathroom when you should be on the playground.

Students will sit at assigned tables (their teacher name is above their assigned table)

Raise hand for help- please don’t get up once you are seated

“Lights Out”- means students go silent so an adult can talk to a large group

End of lunch- assigned students will wash lunch tables



Enter building and put coats/backpacks away quietly

Do not cross through media center

Hallways are quiet zones

Proper behavior expected: Walking facing forward at all times (not backwards or running)



Use your grade level bathroom or the bathroom closest to the area you are in

Keep the bathroom clean (dispose of paper towels and toilet paper properly)

If you don’t want to clean up a mess, please don’t make one

Only go to the bathroom in the toilet

Bathroom safety: no peeking in locked stalls, no climbing on stalls, no running in bathroom, no locking the stall then going under it, keep water off the floor

If there is a mess in a bathroom, please clean up what you can and let your teacher know so he/she can let our janitor know

ERR bathroom- if there is a rope up, please don’t go in and use the bathroom. Use the bathroom closest to the lunchroom instead. If an adult asks if anyone is in the bathroom- please answer them

Be responsible, respectful, safe