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Assistant Principal named as District 25’s Employee-of-the-Month

P.I.E.S. Awards February 2024 Brett Barton 4th Grade Teacher Wilcox Elementary School

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25’s Employee-of-the-Month P.I.E.S. award recognizes employees who Positively Influence Educational Success. The award is for employees who go above and beyond in that effort. 

This month we recognized Mrs. Darcy Hale as March’s PIES Award recipient. Mrs. Hale is the Assistant Principal at Franklin Middle School

Mrs. Hale was nominated for the PIES Employee of the Month award by Mr. Michael Helman, Mrs. Dani Summerill, and Mrs. Stephanie Iverson, teachers at Franklin Middle School.
In his nomination, Mr. Helman wrote, “Darcy has worked hard to build a community of professional respect for both the learners and faculty. There has been a shift in the building that I believe all of the faculty and students feel and she has helped to establish and cultivate a new culture in the building around the four Franklin foundations: respectful, responsible, safe, and kind. Additionally, she has taken measures to improve the physical building here at FMS: renovated staff room, weight room, and general messages around the building. She has started Wagon Wednesday (now known as the Wagon of Joy). There have been initiatives such as Pineappling (a program where we are able to leave the classroom and observe our co-teachers for a period, and you can get continuing ed credit). As a person, she demonstrates genuine interest in our well-being as humans inside and outside of the classroom. These things when combined show the deliberate time and energy spent to transform our physical and mental workspace of Franklin Middle School. She is an amazing person to work with and I am proud to be a faculty member at my school.”
Here are just a few notable details Mrs. Summerill included in her nomination: “Since the first day she took office, Darcy has done much to enrich our Franklin Family. Darcy seems to live by “see a need, fill a need.” She incorporated a small “take one leave one” library in the staff room so we could share our favorite books and a “Recipe Binder” so we could add our favorite recipes to share. She remodeled an antiquated weight room into something that is more safe and up-to-date, making the space an incredible addition to our P.E. and athletic programs. She started a staff book club, which has been a great way to build relationships among co-workers and grow intellectually. She procured the funds to sponsor a Yoga night for staff members at a local fitness studio, which has had a tremendous effect on my own mental and physical health. Darcy also employs a very creative and empathetic hand when dealing with students. By starting first with a conversation, I’ve been impressed with how she can get the students to open up and share why they are acting out. I’ve never seen her give up on a kid and I think her empathetic approach allows her to build some good relationships with our most at-risk students. She has brought her own brand of light and love into the building and I think we are all better for it.”
Mrs. Iverson wrote, “One of Darcy's most notable qualities is her ability to foster a positive and inclusive school environment. She ensures that all learners feel valued and respected. Her efforts in connecting with the interests of our learners and creating safe spaces for learners to express themselves have significantly contributed to the harmonious atmosphere within our school. Moreover, Darcy's leadership skills are exemplary. She effectively collaborates with teachers, staff, and parents to develop and implement initiatives that enhance the overall educational experience for our learners. She is undeniably an exceptional educator and leader who has made invaluable contributions to Franklin Middle School and our entire school district.”
Thank you for your contributions to our learners and to our school district.

Mrs. Hale was recognized at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, and received a $50 gift card from the educational partner for this award, Lookout Credit Union. 

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