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Math Teacher named as District 25’s Employee-of-the-Month

P.I.E.S. Awards May 2024 Employee of the month Tamara Palmer Math Teach Alameda Middle School

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25’s Employee-of-the-Month P.I.E.S. award recognizes employees who Positively Influence Educational Success. The award is for employees who go above and beyond in that effort.

This month we recognized Mrs. Tamara Palmer as May’s PIES Award recipient. Mrs. Palmer teaches 6th grade math at Alameda Middle School and received three nominations for this award.  

In her nomination letter, Amy Hillyer wrote, “Mrs. Palmer is new to Alameda Middle School this year but is not new to teaching. As someone who doesn’t have a background in education, I often seek her for advice on how to build relationships with learners she had in the past. When I go to her for advice she always makes you feel important. I know that she is also willing to help learners when she can see that they are struggling or if they also ask her for help. She never makes you feel like your questions aren’t valid or silly. She also has an abundance of advice and knowledge from her years of teaching that she is always willing to share. I have seen her work tirelessly to help a child be successful.”

Kelly Mulalley wrote, “Mrs. Palmer was a coworker of mine at Lewis and Clark. She is amazing with learners, and staff alike.”

Beverly Hillyer wrote, “Mrs. Palmer goes above and beyond to help her learners be successful in every area of their life. Academically she looks at each learner as an individual and adapts her lessons to meet the learner where they are. She looks at the whole child and knows that if they are lacking in other areas, such as social or emotional, those needs must also be met to be successful. I have seen her work tirelessly to help a child be successful and to reach their full potential. She always places the learner first and foremost in everything she does. Mrs. Palmer’s positive attitude and genuine care for her students have a profound impact on their overall learning experience. Her ability to foster a positive classroom atmosphere not only enhances student engagement but also promotes a sense of belonging and encourages academic growth. On a personal note, I have worked with Tamara for many years and I have become a much better teacher and person because of her. She has helped me when I have struggled with a learner and to look at them from a different perspective and an open mind. I, as well as many learners, know that if we need help, advice, or just someone to sit and listen to us, she is always available and willing to be there".

Thank you for your contributions to our learners and to our school district.

Mrs. Palmer was recognized at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, and received a $50 gift card from the educational partner for this award, Lookout Credit Union. 

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