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Elementary Education

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District's Elementary Education serves learners in grades K-5. The District includes thirteen elementary schools, a Pre-K program and a federally-funded Head Start program. 

2022 Back-to-School Night Schedule

Lewis and Clark Elementary OPTIONAL Personal School Supply List 2022-2023

1 school-sized backpack, labeled inside with the child’s name
2 packages of 4 Fine point Expo black dry erase markers (8 total)
3 bottles of white Elmer’s glue
4 24-count Crayola crayons
1 Prang or Crayola watercolor paints (not Dollar Store)
2 packages 24-count Ticonderoga Pencils

12 small glue sticks
1 composition notebook
1 1-inch, 3-ring binder
1 dozen yellow wooden #2 pencils
2 boxes of 24-count Crayola brand crayons
1 school box (8" x 5" size)
1 pair metal scissors
1 set of Crayola brand water colors
2 boxes washable large markers (No permanent markers)
1 box colored pencils
4 black dry erase markers
1 pink Pearl eraser
1 set of headphones (no earbuds)
1 spiral notebook

2 boxes of 24-count crayons
1 pkg. of erasers, pink or pencil toppers
24 #2 yellow pencils (Ticonderoga brand)
1 pkg. of wide ruled notebook paper
1 pair of scissors
2 70-page wire spiral-bound notebooks
1 set watercolors (no fluorescent)
1 plastic school box (not extra large)
2 package black, fine-tip dry erase markers (Expo brand)
1 box 10-count Classic Color Crayola fine tip markers
1 headphones (very important item)
3 glue sticks
1 box colored pencils
Please put your child's name on items

5 wide-ruled composition notebooks (basic standard, no plastic or pictures)
36 #2 Ticonderoga pencils (already sharpened)
2 boxes of 24-count crayons
1 pair of large scissors with sharp tips
16 BLACK Expo skinny if possible, if not, chiseled-edge dry erase markers
1 package of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper
3 3-pronged pocket folders – no plastic folders
1 box of 12 colored pencils
24 glue sticks
25 sheet protectors
1 set of headphones - mandatory (earbuds are fine)
1 hard plastic (inexpensive) pencil box with a clasp or hinge
1 water bottle (reusable)
1 box markers
1 1/2” binder (white) clearview

1 Package sheet protectors
36 #2 pencils (sharpened)
1 24-count package of colored pencils (NOT 2, 12-count package)
1 Pair of scissors, sharp adult or 7”
8 Glue Sticks
1 Small box or pouch to store pencils, crayons, etc.
12 Fine-tip dry erase markers (for white boards)
1 Pair of headphones or earbuds
2 Composition notebook
2 Highlighter
2 Package Loose Leaf paper
3 Folders
2 Large pink erasers 
2-3 Spiral notebooks

1 old sock for dry board eraser
30 regular #2 pencils
1 package glue sticks
1 scissors, adult size
1 package colored pencils
1 24-count crayons
3 package Black Dry Erase markers (at least ten total markers)
2 large erasers/pencil erasers
2 packages of loose-leaf paper
5 spiral notebooks
3 pocket folders
1 pair of headphones or ear buds
1 composition book
Please label your items with your learner's name in permanent marker

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School Supplies

Elementary Education Staff

A.J. Watson

Titles: Director of Elementary Education
Phone Numbers:
School: (208) 235-3214

Tara Jensen

Titles: Executive Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: (208) 235-3206

State Department of Education School Report Cards

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