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Courses are offered based on demand, teacher availability and certification.

33501 Beginning Guitar - 1 Trimester - Repeatable – HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
This is a beginning course for classical guitar. Learning how to read music for guitar, basic chord progressions, and playing simple classical guitar solos will be explored. Each student is required to provide a classical guitar, footrest, and workbook.

33901 Color Guard - 1 Trimester - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
Prerequisite: Audition
Co-requisite: Marching Band
Color Guard is made up of music and non-music students who learn the visual application of music. All members learn basics and advanced concepts of flag spinning, rifle technique, and other performance auxiliary weapons technique. The Color Guard performs a professionally choreographed show with the Marching Band at school and community functions, exhibitions and competitions. Members of the team do not require previous flag or dance experience; however, students with dance experience are encouraged to join. All members are expected to attend a one-week camp in June and two-week camp in August as well as extra preparation rehearsals. There will be some scheduled rehearsals throughout the summer before school starts. Camps, summer practices, and weekend performances are part of the curriculum. The Color Guard also has a winter performing season that students can participate in optionally. 

33561 Concert Band A - 1 Trimester - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
33562 Concert Band B
33563 Concert Band C

Prerequisite: Two or more years of instrumental experience or middle school band
Concert Band meets during Trimesters 1, 2, and 3. Students should register for all three trimesters. Concert Band is an intermediate band class in which students focus on music fundamentals, music theory, and performance skills. Students must have prior instrumental experience to participate in this class. Students will prepare and perform repertoire at their level for public performances as well as festivals. Sectionals and chamber groups will rehearse during and outside of class time. Students are expected to play their instrument outside of class time. Private lessons are strongly encouraged. Pep-band performs at home football and basketball games. 

33611 Drumline - 1 Trimester - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
Co-requisite: Marching Band
Drumline class includes all drumline and pit percussion members. The class focuses on building fundamental percussion performance techniques required to execute the season show music for the high school Marching Band. Drumline meets during the 1st trimester only. Members of the Drumline class must attend a one-week camp in June and a two-week camp in August. Members of this group may be required to attend extra rehearsals and sectionals during school and summer. The Drumline class also prepares percussion ensemble music and band literature for the Veterans Day and winter concert. 

33651 Jazz Band A - 2 Trimesters - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
33652 Jazz Band B
Co-requisite in a concert ensemble required: Percussion Ensemble, Concert Band, or Wind Ensemble (Symphonic Band)
Jazz Band meets during 2nd and 3rd trimesters only and may be scheduled during zero hour. Students should register for both trimesters. This class is designed to provide a thorough knowledge of music theory and its application to jazz improvisation. The jazz band explores the history of jazz and performs a variety of jazz styles (swing, Latin, funk, rock, etc.). A strong emphasis is put upon music theory and its application to improvisation. Outside of class, listening is required. The Jazz Band also participates in concerts and festivals throughout the state of Idaho.

33641 Marching Band - 1 Trimester - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
Co-requisite in a concert ensemble required:  Wind Ensemble (Symphonic Band), Concert Band, Drumline, Percussion Ensemble
The marching band meets during 1st trimester during zero hour. It is designed to reinforce fundamentals of music making and choreography along with the incorporation of physical motion and show design. This band performs at all home football games, selected school and community functions, exhibitions and competitions – both in Pocatello and out of town. Members of this group attend a mandatory band camp one week in June and two weeks in August. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled. A uniform will be required and a rental and cleaning fee will be assessed. District Participation fee may apply.

33681 Orchestra A - 3 Trimesters - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
33682 Orchestra B 
33683 Orchestra C 

This ensemble is comprised of students who have previous experience (at least two years of either private study or involvement in a middle school orchestra) playing violin, viola, cello, or bass. If you do not have previous playing experience, know that extra support outside of the class will be encouraged, as this is not a beginning level course. Orchestral literature is studied and prepared for performances, festivals, ensembles, etc. Students should have established playing and practice habits, be comfortable reading notes and rhythms, and be willing to push themselves in learning musicianship skills. Orchestra students may be required to travel to another high school to take this course.
All School District #25 Orchestras are comprised of students that:
        1.    Can play two octave scales through four flats and four sharps.
        2.    Can utilize third position.
        3.    Have established practice habits.
        4.    Can sight read music at a 2.5 grade level without difficulty.

33621 Percussion Ensemble A - 2 Trimesters - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
33622 Percussion Ensemble B 
33623 Percussion Ensemble C

Percussion ensemble is open to all students 2nd and 3rd trimester who wish to learn percussion technique. Students should register for both trimesters. Piano skills are recommended. This class emphasizes proper technique on all percussion instruments (including keyboard and note reading). A strong emphasis is placed on music literacy. The percussion ensemble prepares and performs literature for the solo/ensemble festival and band literature for concerts with the Symphonic Band. 

33581 Wind Ensemble A - 3 Trimesters - Repeatable – CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
33582 Wind Ensemble B 
33583 Wind Ensemble C 

Prerequisite: Teacher approval
Wind Ensemble (Symphonic Band) is an audition-only performing ensemble for winds and percussion. The class is designed to teach and reinforce advanced fundamentals of music making in view of greater musical expression. Students play varied and challenging repertoire for festivals and other concerts. Members of this group may be required to attend extra rehearsals and sectionals. Chamber groups and solo performances will be a part of each student’s grade.