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33394 Music Appreciation - 1 Trimester - CHS 10 11 12
83394 Music Appreciation DC
This is a non-performing music course that learners can also take for dual college credit. The curriculum for this course explores the roots and trends of music through the ages, and in particular, music of the past century. Students will learn a variety of styles, genres, performers, composers, technology, and careers related to music and music making. GEM Area 5 A

33397 Music Tech – 1 Trimester – Repeatable – PHS 9 10 11 12
Music Technology will introduce students to the uses, concepts, techniques, and terminology of creating music through computer applications. The students will gain experience with current hardware and software for music sequencing, synthesis, and music performance practice. This course is also designed as an introduction to music fundamentals, notation, and theory through music technology such as MIDI and digital recording.


33395 Theatre Appreciation - 1 Trimester – CHS 10 11 12 
83395 Theatre Appreciation DC
This course is an introduction to the art of Theatre in an audience-oriented course. Students will develop a foundation of knowledge and appreciation for the creative processes and aesthetic principles, which guide artists of live theatre. By exploring the trends, styles, important playwrights and artists, and technical aspects of theatre throughout history, students will understand the impact this art form has in shaping and reflecting humanity. GEM Area 5 A