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Physical Education and Health


Courses are offered based on demand, teacher availability and certification.
Athletic shoes and dress code compliant workout clothing may be required.

35051 Beginning Yoga - 1 Trimester - Repeatable – HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12     
This course is designed to help students improve muscular strength and flexibility, posture, balance, concentration, focus and relaxation. Techniques to improve students’ overall health, wellness, feelings, emotions and inner peace will be taught.

35521 Fitness & Team Sports - 1 Trimester - Repeatable - CHS/HHS/PHS 9 10 11 12     
Team Sports is a class in which individuals will work with others, as well as face opponents in friendly competition. The objective of this program is to improve students’ overall fitness through a variety of activities. Each class is designed to build cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength, as well as incorporate activities students will continue throughout life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

35001 Lifetime Sports & Fitness - 1 Trimester - Repeatable - NHHS 9 10 11 12
This course will consist of four 3-week activity blocks each trimester. Course emphasis will stress the development of each student’s lifetime fitness through lifetime leisure, recreational and physical fitness activities. All physical education classes are co-educational. Some activities are offered off campus and may require a fee. 

35081 Outdoor Education - 1 Trimester - CHS 10 11 12
85081 Outdoor Education DC
This course will involve students in various aspects of personal survival techniques for a wilderness setting. The students will experience lessons in basic human physiology, backcountry first aid, survival shelters, fire building, animal behaviors, hydration and nutrition issues, SAR (search & rescue) protocols and simple orienteering. 

35021 Strength and Conditioning I - 1 Trimester - Repeatable - CHS/HHS/NHHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
More than just a weights class, this course will include instruction in exercising with free weights, aerobic fitness, agility, and plyometric. Emphasis will be placed on increasing core body strength, learning and applying proper lifting and spotting techniques in the weight room, nutritional guidance and increasing overall level of fitness.

35041 Strength and Conditioning II - 1 Trimester - Repeatable - CHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
Prerequisite:  Strength and Conditioning I
This class is designed to prepare athletes by providing strength training and injury prevention to students. The class involves four days per week of lifting and one day of cardiovascular workout. This course is extremely demanding and requires a great deal of individual discipline. Emphasis will be placed on increasing core body strength, lifting and spotting techniques in the weight room, nutritional guidance and increasing level of fitness.

35011 Advanced Fitness & Weights – 1 Trimester – Repeatable HHS 10 11 12 
This course is geared towards the full athletic experience and specializes in building foundational skills for the all-around athlete. It will focus on strength, speed, agility and mobility with advanced free weight instruction along with specialized speed and mobility training.

35004 Walking and Wellness - 1 Trimester - Repeatable - HHS 9 10 11 12
Walking is appropriate for students of all fitness levels and is a great way to maintain a moderately active lifestyle. In addition to reviewing fundamental principles of fitness, students learn about goals and motivation, training levels, walking mechanics, safety and injury prevention, appropriate attire, walking in the elements, good nutrition and hydration, and effective cross-training. Students take a pre- and post-fitness assessment. Throughout the course, students also participate in a weekly fitness program involving walking, as well as elements of resistance training and flexibility. They also log a diet for the trimester.


High School Graduation: 1 Credit Required

35201 Health - 1 Trimester - CHS/HHS/NHHS/PHS (DC @ CHS) 10 11 12
Health has two principle aims. The first is to help the student appreciate the value of physical, mental and social health. The second is to help the student acquire the knowledge needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a state of well-being. This course covers the core health topics of mental health, social health, nutrition, physical fitness, substance abuse, human development, preventing disease, and community health and safety. This course is designed to promote effective decision-making skills and positive, healthy attitudes with emphasis placed on prevention of destructive behaviors.

Health Professions see CTE Pathways