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Yearbook offered as publishing at CHS and PHS.

42301 Yearbook I - 1 Trimester – HHS 9 10 11 12 
Students are introduced to basic layout and design concepts. They consider current trends in design and learn basic elements and principles of design. Students get hands-on training in photography and using industry design software.

42302 Yearbook IIA - 3 Trimesters – HHS 10 11 12
42303 Yearbook IIB
42304 Yearbook IIC

Prerequisite: Yearbook I and/or application
Students continue to increase their understanding of layout and design concepts. They apply what they learn from the current trends in design to the development of yearbook spreads for publication. They increase their knowledge in photography and the industry design software.

42305 Yearbook IIIA - 3 Trimesters – Repeatable – HHS 11 12
42306 Yearbook IIIB
42307 Yearbook IIIC

Prerequisite: Yearbook II C
This course provides students with actual hand-on experience associated with producing a conventional student yearbook and/or video yearbook. Writing, editing, photographic layout, desktop publishing, and business management skills are emphasized. Students perform all the skills necessary to produce a school yearbook.