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Thinking about becoming a Volunteer or Chaperone for PCSD 25?

Here is what you need to know!

Volunteers perform an invaluable service for the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District without compensation. Volunteer opportunities include: field trip chaperones (day and overnight), mentoring, tutoring, assisting in the classroom, library/media center, computer lab, office, cafeteria, sports, or on the playground. It is the school district’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their students. This is done within minutes through the Idaho State Police website by the Volunteer Service Coordinator or the School Administration. Additionally; Idaho Code 33-512 (16) requires that contractors and others who have contact with students must be checked against the Sex Offender Registry and may also be required to complete a background check.

Definitions of irregular contact, supervised contact and unsupervised contact are as follows: Additionally, chaperones fall into two categories and are placed in irregular and unsupervised contact accordingly.

Irregular Contact – Contact that is not on a daily or weekly basis or is a regularly scheduled interaction with students – No background check is needed.

Supervised Contact – An individual who works directly with students, while under the direction of a school district employee (certified or classified) in a classroom, office, library, cafeteria or other common areas in or around the school – No background check is needed.

Unsupervised Student Contact - No direct staff supervision. Individual works directly with students on a continuing basis that occurs off the school campus and/or outside the normal school day, such as during practice for sports and out of town/overnight field trips. Requires a complete background check.

If you are needing a background check, please call to have an appointment set before coming into the office. A Volunteer Application must be submitted before you call to schedule your appointment. The cost is the volunteer’s responsibility. The cost for a complete background check with fingerprinting is $26.25 in exact change or by check. Background checks are done at the District Office, 3115 Pole Line Rd. Background checks MUST be completed even if you have completed one with your current employer, with the exception of School District Employees. Fingerprints are automatically uploaded to the State Department of Education in Boise. Background checks can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to clear and are good for 5 years. If something is returned against your background from the ISDE, the school administration will be contacted and the choice for you to continue as a volunteer will be left up to them.

A volunteer application is required to be filled out online by each volunteer and is kept on file at the District office. The application will be submitted electronically by using the following link: Volunteer Application

For more information about volunteering or if you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Service Coordinator at (208) 235-3261.

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