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Apparel and Textiles Instructor

Emily Housley

Century High School

Apparel and Textiles Pathway

Teen Living B
1 Trimester @ CHS, HHS, PHS
Grades 9, 10


Fashion & Textiles
1 Trimester @ CHS, HHS
Grades 10, 11, 12


* Fashion/Design Merchandising
1 Trimester @ CHS
Grades 11, 12



take together


take together




Apparel Construction Fundamentals
1 Trimester @ CHS
Grades 10, 11, 12


Industrial Sewing
1 Trimester @ CHS
Grades 11, 12

Apparel and Textiles Courses


36041 Teen Living B - 1 Trimester - CHS/HHS/NHHS/PHS 9 10 

This course emphasizes personal and family clothing needs, wardrobe planning and care, basic sewing skills, housing and design basics, career choices and skills, child development, child nutrition, personal and family financial management, and time and money management. State code 222515


36361 Fashion & Textile Design - 1 Trimester - CHS 10 11 12

Prerequisite: Teen Living B

This class will address the basic skills needed for personal, family, and home textile needs. Emphasis is on skill development in planning, construction, acquisition, and care of apparel and home textile products and services. Instruction includes design principles, fiber identification and characteristics, fabric construction, ready-made choices, fabrics and notions, selecting patterns, proper use and care of tools and equipment, basic construction techniques, and related career opportunities.  Several projects will be assigned:  examples are a bucket hat, sweatshirt, joggers, and recycle/redesign project.  Participation in FCCLA Fashion Design STAR Events are encouraged. State code 192011


36321 Apparel Construction Fundamentals - 1 Trimester - CHS 10 11 12

Co-requisite: Fashion & Textile Design

This course will provide students with instruction in running the quilting and embroidery machines to construct and embellish garments and products. Instruction will include use, care, and troubleshoot industrial equipment. Students will learn to read commercial and digital patterns, implement construction order of operations, apply hand sewing, and sewing woven and knit fabrics. Emphasis is on Studio etiquette, safety and organization. Participation in FCCLA Fashion Design STAR Events are encouraged. State code 192030


36322 * Fashion/Design Merchandising - 1 Trimester – CHS 11 12

Co-requisite: Industrial Sewing

This capstone course prepares students for gainful employment and/or entry into postsecondary education in the apparel, fashion, and textiles industry. Content emphasis is on career opportunities; textile and garment design; trends and cycles; manufacturing and production; and business procedures in buying, selling, displaying, publicizing, marketing and advertising. Skill development in design, production, pattern drafting and alteration will be included. Participation in FCCLA Entrepreneurship STAR Events are encouraged. State code 192010


36363 Industrial Sewing - 1 Trimester - CHS 11 12

Co-requisite: Fashion/Design Merchandising

This course integrates knowledge, skills, and practices required for careers using industrial sewing machines. Students will design and create items using heavy/thick material, such as backpacks, seat covers, furniture slip covers, or shoes/slippers. Instruction includes design principles, construction techniques, and materials and equipment selection. Participation in FCCLA STAR Events are encouraged. State code 192010


42415 Family Consumer Science Career Experience – CHS/HHS/PHS 11 12

Prerequisite:  Programming Capstone Course

Students will complete a work experience at a local or approved business. The experience must be monitored by the workplace coordinator. FC 9800