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PCSD 25 Head Start Program

330 Oakwood Dr
Pocatello, ID  83204

Phone: (208) 233-6606
Fax: (208) 232-4906

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Head Start Staff

Head Start Coordinator
Cathy Lozmack

Mental Health Specialist
Suzy Fischbeck

Education Coordinator
Kim Baumgart

Health Services Manager
Hayli Sigler

Health & Nutrition
Tori Feuerborn

Family Services
Karlia Lopez

Parent Engagement
Jan Rushton

Rick Betzer

FRED (Families Reading Every Day)

For every 15 minutes you read with your child, write the date in a box. When all the boxes are dated, return this log for a free book to keep and enjoy at home. Head start is funded by a federal grant. In order to keep getting this grant, Head Start has to match 30% of our grant dollars with volunteer or or donated time/materials. Each hour you spend with your child reading contributes $17.24 to our grant. Filling out this sheet will gain $258.60 grant dollars for Head Start!

Familias leyendo cada dia

Por cada 15 minutos que usted lea con su hijo, escriba la fecha en un cuadro. Cuando todas las casillas estén fechadas, devuelva este registro para obtener un libro gratis para guardar y disfrutarlo en casa. Head Start está financiado por una beca federal. Para seguir recibiendo esta beca, Head Start tiene que igualar el 30% de los dólares de nuestra beca con tiempo/materiales voluntarios o donados. Cada hora que pasa leyendo con su hijo contribuye $17.24 a nuestra beca. ¡Al completar esta hoja, se obtendrán $ 258.60 dólares de beca para Head Start!

  • Get Moving Calendar Parent In-Kind Activity

    • Get Moving Monthly Forms

      How can you support your child in achieving 60 minutes of accumulated Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) every day? “Give Yourself 10!” Build in 10 minute bursts of physical activities that “take it up a notch”. The calendar on the back of this sheet includes lots of great examples of ways to increase your family’s movement. Other ways include running, jumping, dancing, biking, or any activity that increases your heart rate and makes you out of breath some of the time. Moderate intensity- when your are working hard enough to raise your heart rate but can still talk but not sing words to a song. Vigorous intensity- when you are breathing hard and aren’t able to say more than a few words without pausing for breath

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We know that early childhood development is the key to a healthy and happy adulthood.

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